January 14, 2013

How to Import a DXF Background?

You can import a CAD drawing to the background of your model and it will work just like a Drawing Grid.  This feature is available in RISA-3D v11, RISAFloor v7, and RISAFoundation v5.0.

Just save your drawing as a DXF file format.  You can import drawings with Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Polylines with Arcs, and Points.

To import the DXF background, just click on Modify the Drawing Grid icon:   

Then click on the Import DXF tab.  Here you can select the origin of the drawing grid and the drawing plane of the RISA model.  You’ll then want to set the parameters of the DXF drawing including what plane it’s drawn in, the scale factor, and units.

Panel Screenshot

Note: Since you can import arcs, you’ll also need to indicate the increment to break up the arc into segments that are clickable.  If you don’t have arcs, you can ignore this field.


Once you’ve setup all the parameters,  press Browse For File to find the DXF file on your computer.  You can choose to import all of the layers or specify layers.  You can change the colors of the imported drawing grids by clicking on the grey square to open the color selector.

Panel Screenshot 2

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