November 9, 2010

How to Check Anchor Bolt Pullout per ACI Appendix D

RISABase is an excellent tool for checking anchor bolt pullout capacity and avoiding tedious hand calculations.

Once you have laid out your base plate and anchor bolt geometry, go to the Anchor Bolts dialog box. There is an option titled Calc. AB Pullout Capacity. Once that box is checked you can enter the design parameters which are used to calculate the anchor bolt capacity. Click on the Help button for more information on each parameter.

Next, generate load combinations that use ultimate/strength level factors, and be sure to check the Pullout box for each of them. This tells the program that load combination is to be used for the anchor bolt pullout checks. Finally, solve the model. Take a look at our Quick Reference Guide for easy interpretation of the results.

Our webinar, Exploring Anchor Bolt Pullout with RISABase, is also an excellent resource on this topic.


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