February 20, 2013

New Modeling Features in RISAFoundation v5

There were several new features added to RISAFoundation v5 that help you model quicker and with more accuracy.


Offset Slab  RISAFoundation New Features 2

The Offset Slab tool allows you to expand the edges of your slab with one click.  This tool is useful with models that come from RISAFloor or RISA-3D with joint reactions.  You can quickly draw a slab by clicking on the joint reaction nodes and then expand the slab in all directions by an offset distance.  This tool will also allow you to shrink a slab edge.

RISAFoundation New Features 6c



Copy Tools   RISAFoundation New Features 3

You can copy any items that are selected by increments, angles or clicking point to point.  Copying a section of the model can save a lot of time and is very useful when you a laying out a large foundation.

RISAFoundation New Features 4



Modify Slab  RISAFoundation New Features 1

RISAFoundation New Features 5


Add Openings

You can add an opening directly on the slab of any size.  Draw a polygon shaped opening or set a rectangular opening size.

Thickened Slab

The slab can be altered so that you can make a thick or thin portion all within the same slab.  This makes it easy to draw one slab for your entire structure and alter the thickness where it’s needed.



DXF Drawing Grid  RISAFoundation New Features 7

You can import a CAD drawing to the background of your model and it will work just like a Drawing Grid.

Just save your drawing as a DXF file format.  You can import drawings with Lines, Polylines, Circles, Arcs, Polylines with Arcs, and Points.

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