Current Version: 9.0.2

What’s New in Version 9

RISAFoundation v9 includes material code updates for Canadian Concrete, Masonry Retaining Wall Design and Analysis Offsets for slabs and beams, as well as much more.
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A Complete Foundation Solution

RISAFoundation gives you the ability to solve and optimize all types of foundation systems, including mat foundations, grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, isolated spread footings and combined footings.

RISAFoundation also fully and completely integrates with RISA-3D and RISAFloor, providing a complete structural design solution. Whether running standalone or from within RISA-3D/RISAFloor, RISAFoundation provides unparalleled ease, flexibility and power for the drawing, design and optimization of foundation systems.

Automatic mesh generation, thick plate modeling and comprehensive rebar calculations and detailing are some of the many reasons why RISAFoundation stands apart.

RISAFoundation Features

RISAFoundation modelAutomatic Mesh Generation

Slabs are automatically discretized into well formed quadrilateral – not triangular – elements at a specified mesh size. Beams are automatically discretized.

Thick Plate Modeling

The thick plate method of RISAFoundation provides more realistic results than the thin plate modeling procedure found in other products.

RISAFoundation modelComprehensive Rebar Calculations and Detailing

RISAFoundation gives you the freedom to design and detail a slab in any direction. Grade beams, pile caps and spread footings are automatically designed and detailed as well. Rebar schedule and DXF export are also available.

RISA-3D and RISAFloor Integration

RISAFoundation excels as a stand alone application. Its full integration with the RISA Building System brings productivity to a higher level. Manage all project footings in one model, in one file, and within the same environment as your structure. All loads are automatically applied and all footings are optimized at once.

RISAFoundation v9 Specifications

Modeling Features

  • Foundation systems can be any combination of mat slabs, grade beams, pile caps, retaining walls, spread footings and
    combined footings
  • Slabs can be any arbitrary shape with varying thickness and can include openings and discontinuities
  • Pedestals can be added to spread footings and slabs
  • Model and design grade beams: between slabs, on slab perimeters, between spread footings and independent
  • Variable soil properties possible throughout the foundation system
  • Impose point supports anywhere in the model. Supports can be rigid, tension only, compression only or tension-compression spring
  • Automatic generation of circular mat slabs
  • Comprehensive CAD-like graphic drawing/editing capabilities that let you draw and modify as well as snap, copy, scale, delete, etc.
  • Versatile drawing grids (orthogonal, radial, skewed, DXF underlay)
  • Universal snaps allow drawing without grids
  • Powerful graphic select/unselect tools including box, line, polygon, invert, criteria, spreadsheet based, with locking
  • True spreadsheet editing with cut, paste, fill, math, sort, find, etc.
  • Unlimited undo/redo capability and automatic timed backup
  • Dynamic synchronization between spreadsheets and graphics
  • Constant in-stream error checking and data validation
  • Support for all units systems & conversions at any time

Analysis Features

  • Automatic meshing of slabs into well formed quadrilateral elements (NO triangular elements are created by the mesher). This is all done “behind the scenes” without any user interaction necessary, though user may optionally control the size of the mesh
  • Physical member used for grade beams, automatic inclusion of internally generated mesh points
  • Soil spring stiffness automatically calculated based on soil subgrade modulus and slab tributary area
  • Self weight of slabs and beams is automatically calculated and may be optionally excluded in the analysis
  • Point loads, point moments, line loads and area/patch loads can be applied anywhere on the slab

Graphics Features

  • Unlimited simultaneous model view windows
  • “True to scale” rendering with translucency, even when drawing
  • High-speed redraw algorithm for instant refreshing
  • Dynamically zoom, pan, rotate, scroll, snap views
  • Font and color control
  • Saved views to quickly restore frequent or desired views
  • Saved selections to quickly recall desired selection states
  • Rendered or wire-frame animations of deflected model
  • Distance tool for measuring between points

Design Features

  • Calculation of rebar requirements using design strips
  • Design strips/cuts are easily drawn anywhere on slab
  • Design for bending and shear at all design cuts
  • Design pedestals on mat slabs or spread footings
  • Design and optimization of isolated spread footings
  • Grade beams are automatically designed and detailed
  • Retaining wall design
  • Pile supported slabs
  • Pile cap reinforcement design & shear checks
  • Automatic enveloping and rebar calculation
  • Concrete Design Codes: ACI 318-14/11/08/05/02/99, CSA A23.3-14/04, NTC-DF 2004, SBC 304-2007
  • Automatic code based (ASCE, IBC, ACI, International) load combination generation as well as user  specified combinations
  • Automatic punching shear check performed for mat slabs per ACI

Result Features

  • Color contouring of the slabs based on:
    • Transverse shears
    • Bending moments
    • Displacements
    • Soil pressure
  • Tabular and graphical display of design results
  • Slab deflected shape plotting and animation
  • Line cut tool shows the distribution of moments and shears in the slab at any location, in any direction, simply by drawing a line
  • Comprehensive grade beam detail reports with force and detail design calculations and expanded diagrams
  • Rebar detailing for slab and beam design
  • Graphical display of total moments/shears for a design strip
  • Spreadsheet results with sorting and filtering of all output
  • Rebar schedule and DXF export

Integrated Structural Design

RISAFoundation is a complete foundation solution and operates independently or fully integrated with RISA-3D and RISAFloor.

RISA-3D, RISAFloor and RISAFoundation are so tightly integrated that they operate as one program on the same building model. Optimize the gravity system in RISAFloor, the lateral system in RISA-3D and the foundation system in RISAFoundation, with a complete flow of information both ways.

All reactions are automatically imported into RISAFoundation for design and detailing of the complete foundation system.

General Features

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8.1/10 (subscription license version requires 64-bit Windows)
  • Extensive customization options & user defaults
  • Comprehensive printed reference manual & tutorials
  • Program technical support provided by Professional Engineers
  • Initial software purchase includes six months free maintenance.
  • Maintenance includes technical support and program upgrades.

RISAFoundation Features

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RISAFoundation Specifications

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RISA Integration

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