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RISA subscription programs use the Internet for licensing. With subscription licensing, you may install RISA programs on many different machines without violating the License Agreement. Unlike RISA network and standalone licensing, subscription licensing does not use a Sentinel USB Key or a connection to any particular network. In order to run a RISA subscription program, an Internet connection must be present at the time the program is launched.


Welcome Email

After initial purchase, you will receive an email from info@risa.com with your login Email Address, Password and a Download Software button. There will also be a link to the RISA Subscription Service website, where you can view and manage your organizations account (this website).

You may either forward this email to other Users for them to get up and running (sharing the same login Email and Password across your organization) OR use the administration tools to create separate User accounts for each employee. See Add Users below for instructions on setting up separate User accounts.

Invite email

Running the Program

After installing your RISA programs, the first time you open the program you will be asked for your Email and Password. Input this once and it will now be saved on your computer. After entering proper credentials, the program will open and you will be successfully using our subscription system.

Application login

Account management (Admins only)

If you have an Administrator account, you may use this website to take an active role in the subscription licensing process. As the Administrator on the account, you have access to your organization's Licenses, Users, Usage and My Account pages. Here we will go through each tab.

View Licenses

This page displays which programs and how many seats of each program that are licensed to your organization.


Add Users

This page allows administrators to build out your company and create separate logins for each employee who will use RISA subscription programs. Only administrator's can view this page. A User does not have access this page. Upon account setup, the Administrator is the only User.

You can either share one Email/Password for all Users of RISA subscription programs OR create separate User accounts for each employee

Admin user

Administrators may create additional subscription Users by entering a full name, email address and choosing a role. Click the + Add User & Notify button to send the User an invitation email. This email gives each individual what they need to install and start using the programs.


Roles work as follows:

  • Admin: This permissions level allows Add/Edit/Delete Users and view of more advanced data on the account.
  • User: This permissions level allows view of Usage and the ability to change own password.
Create additional users

A new User notification with a preset password and software download link will be sent to the email entered when adding a new User.

New User Invite Email

Edit Users

An Administrator may also Edit or Delete Users. If you click Edit next to a user, this dialog will open.

Create additional users

Here you can change the User's Name, Email, Role and Reset their password. If you check the Reset password & notify user checkbox this User will be given a new default password and will be notified by email.

View Usage

This page allows you to see the CURRENT usage in the program. This is available to both Administrators and Users.

View Usage

My Account

This page allows Administrators and Users to change their passwords.

My Account

Error Messaging

RISA's Subscription Service provides error messages to inform Users that a problem occurred, explain why it happened, and provide a solution so Users can fix the problem. Users should either perform an action or change their behavior as the result of an error message.

[301/302] No Licenses Available

Error [301/302] No Licenses Available

This message will occur if either:

  • You do not own a RISA Subscription copy of this program.
  • All licenses for this program are currently in use.

[303/304] Invalid Username or Password

Error [303/304] Invalid Username or Password

This message will occur if the Email Address & Password combination does not match any on your account.

It may be necessary for the Administrator on the account to reset the User's password.

[W301] Exiting the RISA Program

Error [W301] Exiting the RISA Program

When exiting a RISA subscription program, the license will automatically be released over the Internet and made available to another user in your organization. If no Internet connection is present when exiting, then the following error will appear and the license will continue to be held by that computer, even though the RISA program is no longer in use. Once an Internet connection is restored, simply launch the RISA program and then exit again for the license to be released.

Need Additional Help?

RISA's live support is available by phone or email 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PT), Monday through Friday.

  • For sales or licensing information call (800) 332-RISA (7472)
  • For sales inquiries email info@risa.com
  • For licensing inquiries email support@risa.com