March 22, 2018

Concrete Wall Design for Seismic Forces Now Available

In RISA-3D we now have the ability to design concrete shear walls for seismic forces.

There are 3 main aspects to concrete shear wall design. We will explain them here.

  1. Pier Design: ACI 318-14 Section 18.10.8 defines the wall pier design parameters.
  2. Coupling Beam Design: ACI 318-14 Section 18.10.7 defines the coupling beam design parameters.
  3. Boundary Zone Design: ACI 318-14 Section 18.10.6 defines the boundary zone design parameters. Currently RISA-3D determines whether a boundary zone is required or not per Section

These results are then condensed into a single code spreadsheet view complete with code checks.  

For details on the calculations and the additional reinforcement checks please check out the Concrete Walls – Seismic Design topic in the RISA-3D help file.  Additionally, check out the YouTube videos for more information.

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