June 24, 2014

Explicitly Define Rebar for Concrete Beams and Columns

In RISA-3D ver. 12 and RISAFloor ver. 8.0, the explicit concrete reinforcement has been added to the Member Design Rules to make it easy to layout your exact rebar spacing and size.

Optimize vs Explict: If you select Optimize the program will select the best reinforcement size and spacing.  You’ll just enter in the minimum and maximum sizes with cover dimensions and after solution you’ll see the most optimal design.  If you select Explicit the program will use the reinforcement that you select and check the design.  This is most often used for suited for retro-fit buildings.

Using the Member Design Rules: 

You can enter the values directly into the spreadsheet or you can launch the graphical dialog by clicking on the red arrow in the Label.


Select the Member Type in the upper right corner.



Explicit Beams: 

Enter the number of bars at the top and bottom as well as the size and cover.  The cover is defined as the Centerline of the bar to the edge of the concrete beam.



Explicit Column: 


There are two options listed for columns:

Total Ver Bars:   The Column can be defined quickly with total number of vertical bars which will be evenly spaced around the perimeter of the column.

For example: Enter 12 Total Vertical Bars


Manual Layout:  Enter in the number of vertical bars that are on the local y-axis face and the local z-axis face.  The vertical bars can be different per each face which is useful for rectangular shaped columns.


Once you’ve defined the Member Design Rule, you can assign it to your members.  Click here for more information on Member Design Rules.

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