January 31, 2019

Flexibility with RISA Subscription Licensing

Historically, licenses of RISA software have been provided to customers in one of two ways:

    1. Perpetual License – a physical key that must be plugged into a computer in order to have access to the software
    2. Network License – a physical key that is connected to a specific server, that then allows license access to users on the same network

These license types present a few inherent problems, the first of which is that they require larger upfront costs. Additionally, for customers who wish to have multiple licenses, paying for and hosting licenses on a server is required and can become cumbersome.  As a result, RISA has recently moved to a subscription licensing model.

What are the benefits of subscription licensing?

No need to keep track of a physical key
All that is required to use the software is a valid account (set up in the Subscription Licensing System).

No need to maintain your own license server
The cloud licensing system eliminates the need for a local license server and allows for account management activities such as viewing number of licenses, adding new registered users and viewing usage stats.

No large upfront purchase costs
Annual costs are a fraction of previous upfront purchase costs. Additionally, hourly or concurrent usage is not used to determine license cost. All licenses use a fixed annual cost meaning that you can easily plan your yearly software budget.

Licenses are easily scalable
You can easily add or subtract licenses based on staff size or current project workload.

Only an occasional internet connection is required
Internet is required only at the time the software is launched and the software can be “checked out” for up to 30 days if the user will be away from an internet connection.

Licenses can be ready to use the day they are purchased
After the purchase of a license, a user will receive an email with the registered email address, password and software download link

For more information about subscription licenses, visit RISA Subscription Licensing or contact RISA sales at (800) 332-RISA or

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