December 11, 2013

How can I see what RISA products my Network Server is licensed for?

For Network licenses RISA uses a third-party application from Sentinel to manage licenses. Before reviewing your licenses through this application it is important to check the RISA Key Manager to ensure that your Sentinel USB Key is being read correctly, and that it is authorized for all of the RISA applications which you own.

Once you have reviewed the contents of your Sentinel USB Key (using the RISA Key Manager) it is important to ensure that you are running the latest Sentinel service, and that your service has been customized by RISA. Even if you already have a Sentinel service running on your machine it may not be compatible with the latest versions of RISA software.

Assuming that you already have the latest version of RISA installed on your server (if you don’t then install that first) you should have the following folder on your server:

C:\RISA\Sentinel RMS 8.5.1\

Within that folder run ServerUpdate.exe to check that your version of Sentinel RMS is up to date by looking for the message indicated in the picture below. If your version of Sentinel RMS needs to be updated then the “Exit” button will be replaced with an “Update” button. Click Exit to close the License Server Updater when finished.

License Manager 01

Next, within the same folder you were already in (C:\RISA\Sentinel RMS 8.5.1\), run WlmAdmin.exe. On the left, under “Subnet Servers” your license server should be listed. If you click the (+) next to it then it will expand out and show you all of the RISA products and versions that the server is licensed for. Note that older versions may also appear in this list too, but they will not affect anything.

License Manager 02


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