June 13, 2016

How Do I Choose Which Connections to Export to RISAConnection?

The RISA – Assign Connections  selection is used to determine which connections you wish to transfer to RISAConnection.

Tekla Connection Selection1

By default all connections are exported.

Create New Floor Plan button469

The main function of this dialog is to determine which connections you want to send to RISAConnection for design. You may wish for some connections not to export to RISAConnection if they’ve already been designed. The connections with checkboxes checked define the connections that will be designed with RISAConnection. From there you can click to uncheck a given connection, or use the buttons to the right. The functions are as follows:

  • Click the Conn Parameter button to get information about the connection (name, ID, welding/bolting designations, etc). From this dialog the Connection Name can be updated. This value is what is used as the designation in RISAConnection. By default the CONNECTION_RUNNING_NUMBER is populated, but this can be modified to something more meaningful to the engineer if required.
    Create New Floor Plan button470
  • Export All/Ignore All buttons will either check all connections or uncheck all connections. If you only wish to transfer a select few connections then you may start with Ignore All then select the individual connections you wish to transfer.
  • The Export/Ignore Selected buttons allow you to make a graphical selection of the model in Tekla Structures prior to entering this dialog. When you enter this dialog with a graphical selection these buttons will check/uncheck the appropriate connections based on that selection.
  • The Show/Ignore Exported buttons will select the exported/ignored connections in the Tekla Structures model view.

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