March 18, 2014

How to Add Your Company Logo to a Report

Now you have the ability to add in your customized company logo to a report.

To begin, save your company logo in the form of a .jpg, .bmp, or .png file to a location on your computer.  When you have a model open in RISA simply go to the Tools menu and select Preferences.  Here you will select the Printing tab at the top of the dialog box.  Under the REPORT Preferences section click on the Report Logo button:

Company Logo1

Select Use Custom Image from the Printing dialog box.  Then click the Browse button:

Company Logo2

Browse to your company logo file previously saved to your computer and select Save.  The Printing dialog box should now show the file path for your company logo:

Company Logo3

Click OK.

Now when a report is printed, your company logo will be displayed in the header at the top of each page:

Company Logo4

Note:  The chosen company logo will appear in all report printing pages in all models opened on your particular computer until the options stated above are modified.

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