March 30, 2011

How to Apply the Seismic Provisions in RISA-3D

The Seismic Provisions in RISA-3D will check various design and code check requirements according to the AISC design provisions (AISC 360-2005, AISC 341-2005, AISC 358-2009). Seismic Design Rules can be applied to any member in the model, just follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Define the Seismic Design Rules.

The Seismic Design Rules spreadsheet can be found on your Data Entry Toolbar or in the Spreadsheet menu. (To learn more about seismic design rules, read What Are the Seismic Design Rules in RISA-3D.)

Step 2: Assign the Seismic Design Rules to your member by going to the Modify menu and selecting Design Parameters.

Step 3: Set the Seismic Overstrength (W) factors in Global Parameters on the Seismic tab.

Step 4: Create the Overstrength Load Combinations

Now you are ready to run your model and review your results.

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