February 5, 2014

How to Build a Geodesic Dome in RISA-3D?

In modeling what would be a rather difficult geometric structure, by using the High Level Generation tool in RISA-3D, a geodesic dome can be constructed rather quickly and easily.

  1. Select the High Level Generation button Geo Dome_1 , and then select the Geodesic Dome option:Geo Dome_2
  2. The following dialog box will be displayed and you can enter in the necessary information for the geodesic dome generation:

Geo Dome_3
Platonic Solids:Designate the number of faces of the geodesic dome.

Triangle Subdivision:Designate the number of triangle submesh per side of the triangular plate.

Geodesic Geometry Properties:  Set the radius and dome height.

Geodesic Origin:Choose the dome origin coordinates.

Member:Check the Generate Members? box to create strut members.  Designate the member prefix, a section set defined in your Section Sets spreadsheet, and the local x-axis rotation of the members.

Plates:  Check the Generate Plates? box to create exterior plate members.  Designate the plate prefix, a general material defined in your Materials spreadsheet, and the thickness of the elements


3.  Click OK and the program will apply this information to create the geodesic dome structure.

Geo Dome_5


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