June 19, 2012

How to Create Duplicate Framing in RISAFloor

In RISAFloor v6 you can now copy selected items in your model. On the Graphic Editing Toolbar click on the Copy Selected Items button.

Copy Point to Point allows you to copy selected items by clicking on the first point and then clicking on a second point to define the distance.

Copy by Increments allows you to copy the selected items using a X or Z increment. This tool also allows you to copy diagonal by checking the Use increments simultaneously to perform a skewed copy.

Copy at an Angle will copy the selection at an angle from the horizontal axis by an offset distance.

On the Graphic Editing Toolbar you’ll also find Copy Offset button.

This tool defines an increment that you can perpendicularly offset a beam. In order to offset a beam, just designate the increment and click on the beam to offset. The mouse will prompt you to pick a perpendicular side of the beam to offset. A similar tool is available in RISA-3D.


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