May 27, 2015

How to Include a Moving Load in a Batch Solution

With the new release of RISA-3D version 13.0, you now have the ability to include moving load combinations in a Batch solution.

Just select which load combinations you want included in the Batch solution using the “Solve” checkboxes in the Load Combinations spreadsheet.

ML Batch 1

Then run a Batch or Batch + Envelope solution.

ML Batch 2

When complete, you will have two sets of results – those for the Batch and those for the Envelope solution. Since the moving loads still require an Envelope solution, this will be run automatically even if you only choose a Batch solution.

The Batch solution results will only include non-moving load combinations (for example, LC1 in the screenshot above), but the Envelope results will include all marked combinations.

ML Batch 3

This way, you can see the Enveloped moving load results and the more detailed Batch results of your non-moving load combinations all at once without having to run multiple load combinations.

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