May 10, 2012

How to Transfer Loads to Full-Height Regions for Concrete Walls With Openings

RISA-3D now has the ability to design concrete walls with openings for both in-plane and out of plane loading. Depending on your design methods you may wish to lump all of the loading into the full-height piers for design. You can specify this in the Wall Design Rules spreadsheet on the Concrete Wall (Misc) tab.

At solution the program will take regions above and below openings and “transfer” those loads to the adjacent full story height regions to be designed. Note that the stiffness of the wall considers the entire area of the wall (excluding openings), so it is only the design that is altered.

The regions above and below the openings will have their designs then excluded from the results.

For more information see How to Model Concrete Walls with Openings in RISA-3D.

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