March 26, 2014

How to Use the New Mapping File Editor in the RISA-Tekla Link V3

New in the RISA-Tekla Link V3 is the Mapping File Editor.  Taking a step back, mapping is required to link elements from Tekla Structures to RISAConnection.  Not all shape names, bolt designations, and materials have the exact name between the two programs.  Because of this there is a mapping file generated in the RISA\Tekla Link folder when Tekla Structures is opened.  A file is created for each Environment that has been used in Tekla Structures and this mapping file is populated with default information that maps Tekla Structures default elements to RISAConnection default elements.

How to Use the Tekla Link Mapping File1


In most cases this default behavior will be sufficient.  However, if changes were made in either Tekla Structures or in RISAConnection, then these files may need to be updated.  The simplest way to update these files is from the Mapping File Editor.  In the RISA-Tekla Link dialog is a button that will invoke the Mapping File Editor dialog.

How to Use the Tekla Link Mapping File2
When this button is pressed the program reads in the Tekla Structures environment information and the RISA database information and populates the dialog with the information from the mapping file.

How to Use the Tekla Link Mapping File3


From this dialog I can update Shape/Profile mapping, Materials mapping and Bolt designation mapping.

How to Use the Tekla Link Mapping File4


After changes are made you can Save these changes.  As soon as a Save is made the RISA-Tekla Link will ask if you want to re-load the mapping file.  Choose Yes to update for the changes that were just made.


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