September 7, 2010

How to Build a Dome Model in RISA-3D

RISA-3D has automated tools to create models with difficult geometries including arcs, trusses and even circular plate models just to name a few. Using the High Level Generation tools make it quick and easy to construct a 360-degree dome.

  1. Select the High Level Generation button  and then select the Circular Arc option.
  2. Select 0 degrees as the Start Angle and enter 90 degrees for the Sweep Angle.
  3. Set the Rotation Axis to Z.
  4. Set the Arc Radius to 10 feet. Set the Arc Increments to 10 which will break up the arc into 10 members.
  5. Make sure to select a Section Set before pressing OK.


With one arc created, the next step is to copy the arc.

  1. Select the Copy Rotate tool.
  2. Set the Rotation Axis to Y.
  3. Set the Rotation Angle to 22.5 degrees.
  4. Set the # Increments to 1.
  5. Draw plates between the two rows of members.

Lastly, use the Copy Rotate tool to create the plates around the dome.

  • Rotate Angle = 360 degrees – 22.5 degrees = 337.5 degrees
  • #Increments = 337.5 degrees / 22.5 degrees = 15 Increments


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