April 26, 2012

How to Use RISAConnection to Design Gusset Plates

Gusset plates and their associated connections can be designed in RISAConnection using the Vertical Brace connection type. The first step is to create a Vertical Brace connection. Either assign a Diagonal or Chevron brace connection type in a RISA-3D model and export to RISAConnection, or create a new Vertical Brace connection type in RISAConnection.

Once the connection has been created, use the Connection Properties inputs on the right side of the screen to set things such as member sizes, plate material, and specify whether various connections are bolted or welded. Use the 2D Views and click on dimensions to type in the necessary values.

Look at the Reports tab to see a Pass/Fail summary of the connection. Click on the tabs along the top to view more specific connection details for each portion of the gusset plate. Once all of the individual checks are listed as passing, the connection will be reported as passing.

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