December 6, 2010

How to Send A RISAFloor Model to Autodesk Revit Structure

First you must solve your RISAFloor model and save the results. Then go the File menu and choose Export\BIM Exchange File. Save this file in a location from which Autodesk Revit Structure will be able access it (either on the same machine or on your network).

Next, open or create a new Revit model. Go to a 3D view of the model, and then click on the Add-Ins tab, and click on the Import From RISA button.

Within the Import dialog box, click on the Browse button for the Exchange File Name. Enter the path to the exchange file that was exported from RISAFloor and click OK. The exchange file also contains the path for the RISAFloor model so the Base File Name will automatically be filled in. Finally, click OK and your model will be imported to Revit.

Note: This procedure assumes that you have the special Beta version of RISAFloor that contains the enhanced Revit 2011 functionality. This procedure also assumes that you have the Revit 2011 Link installed. Both are available from the Autodesk Revit Structure page our web site.

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