January 14, 2016

Importing a Time History Function

New in RISA-3D V14 is the introduction of a Time History analysis feature. Time history functions may be generated directly in the program based on simple sinusoidal functions.  More complex functions, however, can be imported from a text file.

Import Format

RISA can import a Time History function from an ASCII text file. The RISA Help file shows you how to layout the ASCII text file. RISA-3D will read the file into the Time History library when it’s placed in the Time History sub-folder of the main RISA directory.

TH Import

Inside RISA-3D, you can access the Time History library using this icon TH Import2.

First you click on the Import button, and locate the Time History ASCII text file.

TH Import3

Once a Time History Function has been imported, you’ll find it at the bottom of the list and you can click View/Edit to review and verify the plotted diagram.

TH Import4

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