December 7, 2010

Introducing Aluminum Design in RISA-2D

Aluminum has just been added to RISA-2D 10.0. This new Aluminum design allows you to design any shaped model using the Aluminum Design Manual 2005 specification.

The Aluminum material has a full database of section properties for both the United States and Canadian shapes. You can also select from a variety of default commonly used materials properties or create your own material properties. The software’s shape optimization feature provides you with the most efficient design.


You can build any shaped model, using RISA-2D to get full FEA analysis and design code checks for aluminum structures. You can switch between a Building model and a Bridge model by just switching the Global Parameters > Codes tab.


You can find the comprehensive calculations for the Aluminum design in the Detail Report. The code design checks (including Equation number) are listed for Tension, Compression, Bending and Shear. You can use the Design Aids from the Specification (ADM Part VII- Design Tables 2-2 thru 2-26) to help you verify the results. The Slender Ratio refers to the S in the Design Tables.


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