July 26, 2017

Introducing the New RISA Network Install

RISA is always looking at the installation process and trying to find ways to make it easy and user‐friendly. We have just released a new installation process for Perpetual Networks that will help streamline the install process.

In previous versions, it was required to run the installer on the server first. That would unzip files for the client machines to browse to and run the install from the server. This wasn’t a difficult process but always required some work on the server which isn’t always convenient.

The new Installer breaks apart this the network server from the client installation. After the initial network server installation, the only time you need to update the network server is when we release a major update to the Sentinel Service, which happens every few years. When a major update is released, you can update the license file on the server and the client computers can be updated separately, by downloading the new client from the RISA website. With a minor update, the server doesn’t require any action. This makes it quick and easy for users to get an updated version without having to worry about installing on the server.

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