April 1, 2011

New Pile Cap DXF Export in RISAFoundation

New in RISAFoundation 3.1 we have introduced the ability to have pile cap information show up in the Foundation Plan DXF Export, as well as the ability to get detailed layout and reinforcement drawings for you pile caps.

Simply solve a model with Pile Caps in it. Then follow the path below to create a DXF of the Foundation Plot Plan and the Pile Cap Details.

The DXF Export options screen will come up and then the DXF will be created.  Here are a couple examples of portions of the Foundation Plot Plan.

You can see that you get a scaled drawing with the location of piles and pile caps as well as a mark number for each. There is a Pile Cap Schedule that gives all of the dimensions and reinforcement for the pile caps for each mark as well as the number of piles of each type in the model.

The Pile Cap Details DXF Export gives rebar drawings, section cuts and elevations for each pile cap in the model to get you started on your construction drawings.

Try out the new Pile Cap DXF Export and take full advantage of this new feature.


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