October 30, 2020

Concrete Design according to ACI 318-19 Now Available

The new ACI 318-19 concrete code has been implemented into RISA-3D v19, RISAFloor v15, RISAFoundation v13 and RISA-2D v19.


To select this code for your design, simply choose them from the Codes tab of the Model Settings:


A summary of the major changes that have been incorporated include:

  • The expansion of permissible applications for high-strength reinforcement. As a result, many requirements for strength and ductility have been adjusted. Some of these requirements include but are not limited to the the strength reduction factor, the maximum/minimum flexural reinforcement limit, and the axial compressive strength of columns.
  • The calculation for the shear contribution of concrete (Vc) in accordance with Table calculation of Vc must consider axial load (Nu) and/or the flexural reinforcement ratio (ρw) when Av > Av,min. A new size effect modification factor (λs) must be considered when Av < Av,min.
  • The consideration for the interaction of biaxial shear forces in members when Vu/ΦVn > 0.5 in both orthogonal directions.
  • New equations for the allowable compressive strength of concrete piles based on the type of pile.
  • Additional slab reinforcement requirements at critical sections for punching shear.

Refer to the articles linked below for more information on effects that ACI 318-19 has on concrete design as well as how these effects are implemented in RISA.

Related Articles: Interaction of Shear Forces Acting Along Orthogonal Axes in Concrete

Related Articles: Updated Shear Contribution for Concrete (Vc) per ACI 318-19

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