May 24, 2018

Concrete Pile Design for Pile Caps

Concrete pile design is now incorporated in the pile cap results in RISAFoundation. With the addition of axial pile design in RISAFoundation v10.0, the program can model concrete pile shapes and design the reinforcement, or the user can also apply their own custom rebar layout. Now you can get a full analysis and design of a pile cap element including the reinforcement design of the concrete mat, pedestal, and piles.

The Pile Cap Detail Report includes comprehensive images of the pile cap geometry and reinforcement design of the pile cap, pedestal, and piles:

Concrete Pile Design for Pile Caps 1 300x297 2x

The Pile Cap Detail Report contains the design checks for each pile’s compressive and tensile capacity against the demand force. The piles are also checked for interaction in the soil considering the Soil Depth Properties for skin friction and tip bearing.

Concrete Pile Design for Pile Caps 2 300x185 2x

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