September 15, 2017

Custom Loading in Integrated RISAConnection Model

RISAConnection v7.0.1 includes the option for customized loading in an integrated RISAConnection model. If you have used RISA-3D or RISAFloor to export connection rules for design in RISAConnection, they also exported over the forces per the solved load combinations.

CN Custom Loading 1 300x181 2x CN Custom Loading 2 300x177 2x

Now, if you want to use different loading, or manually adjust the loads to reflect a minimum load, you can set the new “Custom Load” flag to “Yes” and then change the load magnitudes.

CN Custom Loading 3

If you ever want to change back to the load magnitudes per the RISA-3D or RISAFloor load combinations, just change the “Custom Load” flag back to “No” and your load combination loads will automatically fill back in.

Tags: RISAConnection Loading Integration

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