February 14, 2022

Design of CFS Face-to-Face Channels & Tube Shapes in RISAFloor

RISAFloor Version 16 now includes the analysis and design of CFS face-to-face channels and tube shapes. The Shape Selection dialog will allow you to select CS or CU Shapes with the added designation “F-to-F” for built up shapes. Tubes may be selected as an Explicit Shape.

CFS F2 F 1

Face-to-face columns will display showing a closed cross section in floor plan views, and both columns and beams will be rendered in the Full Model view:

CFS F2 F 2

There are a variety of code checks for closed shape sections per AISI code which are now included and performed during the design. One important parameter specific to the built-up shapes is the required definition of the value of “a” which is the spacing of the connections between the face-to-face members. This value is utilized to properly calculate the slenderness (KL/r) of the member and is required to receive a code check for any face-to-face cold-formed member. This additional spacing input is listed in Columns or Beams spreadsheet:


CFS F2 F 3


CFS F2 F 4

Note that a value of N/A is automatically applied to single section shapes.

With design complete, the detail report for face-to-face members shows all the controlling section properties including Effective Area, Section Modulus, and Moment of Inertia. For more information about the design of face-to-face and tube CFS shapes, please visit the RISAFloor Online Help file.

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