November 21, 2022

Efficient Design of Tendons with the Support Line Span Optimizer

ADAPT-Builder includes a Support Line Span Optimizer that allows the user to optimize tendons within a support line span based on stress, pre-compression, and balanced loading percentages. The Support Line Span Optimizer will optimize tendons based on the FEM results from the envelope of service combinations analyzed. This tool gives users more detailed information about the tendon optimization occurring within ADAPT-Builder and allows for an efficient design in reference to both time and material.

When using the Support Line Span Optimizer, the initial combination is not included in the optimization as the program will add reinforcement per code when tension stresses are exceeded for the initial combination. Once the tendons have been optimized the user has the choice to Update the Service Solution to see what effect the change has on the FEM analysis and design, or continue to optimize tendons in other support line spans whose tendons have not been modified by the optimizer.

To learn more about how efficient tendon design can be using ADAPT-Builder and the Support Line Span Optimizer, check out the video below:

For additional information, please visit the ADAPT-Builder Online Help file:

ADAPT-Builder Help: Support Line Span Optimizer

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