August 2, 2018

Governing Load Combinations for Shear in Concrete Columns

For concrete column members, the load combination producing the maximum shear code check is reported in the Detail Report and corresponding Results spreadsheet. Since concrete is evaluated based on a batch solution, this can be useful when shear governs the design.


Concrete tab of the Column Results spreadsheet:

1 FL design results 300x41 2x

Column Detail Report:

2 FL detail report 300x276 2x


Concrete Columns tab of the Design Results spreadsheet:

3 R3 D Design Results 300x35 2x

Column Detail Report:

4 R3 D Detail Report 300x332 2x

Shear is checked in both the local y- and z- directions, so the reported load combination in RISA-3D and RISAFloor might not necessarily correspond with the highest applied shear force. This is because the shear capacity can differ in each direction based on the geometry of the column.


For pedestals in RISAFoundation, the load combination producing the governing shear check can be found for both pedestals drawn as part of a slab element and pedestals that are designed as part of a footing support type.

Pedestals Design Values tab of the Pedestals/Posts Design Values spreadsheet:

5 FD design values 300x58 2x

In addition, the pedestal detail report will show the governing load combination for the shear check in each direction.

6 FD Detail Report 300x251 2x

In addition, the pedestal detail report will show the governing load combination for the shear check in each direction.

7 FD footing design values 300x56 2x

The governing load combination for each shear direction can also be seen in the pedestal design portion of the footing detail report.

8 FD footing detail report 300x132 2x

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