August 22, 2011

How to Define Connections from within RISA-3D

Steel connections can be designed from within RISA-3D using the integration with RISAConnection. Before you start your connection design, you’ll need to define the type of connection and assign the connections to the beams. Just follow these steps in the RISA-3D model:

1. Define the Member Types in your RISA-3D model.

You can define the member type (Column, Beam, Vbrace or HBrace) when you draw the member or you can modify it within the Members spreadsheet.

Connections01 Connections02

2. Define the Connection rules.

The program is automatically loaded with default connection types or you can create more by pressing enter at the bottom of the Connection Rule spreadsheet.


3. Assign the Connection rules to the beams.

You can assign the Connection Rules graphically by selecting all beams using the Select by Property tool, then make the changes to the RISAConnection Properties within the Properties Panel

Connections04 Connections05

Or in the Members spreadsheet (on the RISAConnection tab) you can define the Start Conn and End Conn:


Note: You only need to apply the Connection Rules to the beams; not the columns.

4. Run the RISA-3D model and use the Director button to send the connections to RISAConnection.

You can solve a single load combination or a batch Solution.

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