August 26, 2010

How to Design Wood I-Joists with RISAFloor

RISAFloor has the capability to design wood I-Joists based on tables provided by the manufacturer, or provided by you. When modeling beams in RISAFloor, choose the Wood Product material, and choose a joist manufacturer from the shape group.

Ijoist wood

If you would like to add a manufacturer’s database to the program which is not listed, or if you would like to modify the capacities of the existing databases, you can do so through Microsoft Excel. The databases are stored in the following folder:

C:\RISA\Wood Schedules\I-Joists

Ijoist wood2

When you solve the model the program will determine the maximum moment and shear for each joist and choose the lightest adequate size from the database.

Wood I Joists 03

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