December 17, 2021

Load Combination Generator in ADAPT-Builder

With the release of ADAPT-Builder v21, a new load combination generator (LC Generator) provides users the option to automatically generate code compliant load combinations for use in the analysis and design of an ADAPT-Builder model. Included in this feature, is the ability to include automatic reversal of seismic and/or wind loads. In addition, the LC Generator includes options to add ASCE compliant combinations for the ACI code.

The LC Generator is implemented for all design codes available within ADAPT-Builder. ASCE specific combination options are available for all ACI codes with the exception of ACI 318-99.

L Cgenerator2

By default, the new LC Generator gives users the following options (which can be enabled or disabled) when automatically generating required design code combinations:

  • Design State: ULS (Strength Level) or SLS (Serviceability Level) Combinations
  • Reversible: When selected, two combinations for each wind/seismic load combination will be created (each with opposite signage)
  • ASCE Combinations: Combinations based on ASCE 7 with specific options for bi-directional and eccentric load combinations
  • Vertical/Horizontal Seismic Load Effects: Application of Vertical/Horizontal seismic load effects according to ASCE 7


The default load combinations (gravity) included by the program when the ACI 318-19 design code is selected are as follows:

L Cgenerator3

Select the options in the LC Generator to have the program create load combinations for strength and serviceability, including both wind and seismic load effects. In this example the following options are used:

L Cgenerator2

Note: To unlock the Wind load Options ASCE Cases section, as shown above, the user must assign wind loads, as building loads, in two orthogonal directions to the model.

With the above selections made, clicking "Add" will then generate an additional 68 load combinations for evaluation during analysis and design. Some of the load combinations generated are visible in the figure below.

L Cgenerator4

For more information on the LC Generator included in ADAPT-Builder v21, click the link below to review the ADAPT-Builder Help File and review the video included below:

ADAPT-Builder Online Help: LC Generator

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