January 29, 2020

Updated HSS Tube Connection Design According to CSA S16-14/09

RISAConnection v11 now incorporates expanded support for HSS tube shapes in Canadian (CSA S16) connection design. The newly supported connections include the following:

  • Shear Tab connection with HSS column
  • Clip Angle (One Side) connection with HSS column
  • HSS to HSS connection
  • Vertical Diagonal Brace connection with HSS column
  • Vertical Chevron Brace connection with HSS beam
  • Knee Brace connection with HSS column or HSS beam
CS Aconnections new

When any of the above connections are designed per the Canadian design codes (CSA S16-09 or CSA S16-14), the HSS limit state checks are done per the appropriate sections and equations found in CIDECT Design Guides #1 and #3.

Design Guides CSA

To enable these checks, first select the Canadian CSA S16-14 or CSA S16-09 design code from the list of available Design Codes on the Solution tab of (Global) Project Settings:

Solution Canadian

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