August 3, 2016

Use HSS Column & Beams in Brace Connections

RISAConnection v6 has added HSS tubes and pipes for Diagonal and Chevron Brace Connections. Users can now model an HSS column in the Diagonal Brace Connection and an HSS beam in the Chevron Brace connection.

Diagonal Brace Connection

A column can be specified as a tube or pipe for the Diagonal Brace Connection. For tube Columns, RISAConnection supports both clip angle welded to column and direct weld for the gusset connection types. The user has the control over which side the column is oriented for tubes, either wide or narrow, under the Column Connection Type option. Pipe columns support a direct weld gusset connection.


Chevron Brace Connection

Users can now specify an HSS tube or pipe beam for the Chevron Brace Connection. For tube beams, the user has the option to choose a wide or narrow or narrow member orientation. For HSS tube beams, RISAConnection supports both clip angle welded to column and direct weld gusset connection types. The direct weld gusset connection type is supported for pipe beams.

HSS 2 300x144 2x

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