February 23, 2017

Using Transverse Stiffeners and Web Doublers Together

RISAConnection v7 now allows both Transverse Column Flange Stiffeners and Column Web Doublers to be applied to Beam to Column Moment Connections.

Simply select Yes for each option under Connection Category in the Connection Properties grid to apply the two options simultaneously:

Stiffeners and Doublers 1

This will be reflected in the 2D and 3D views for verification. You may configure the Stiffeners and Doublers using the inputs from the Connection Properties grid.

Stiffeners and Doublers 2 300x155 2x Stiffeners and Doublers 3 300x144 2x

The design checks will check each element individually; the program assumes no interaction of the Transverse Stiffeners and Web Doublers.

Stiffeners and Doublers 4 300x104 2x

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