January 5, 2021

Utilizing Virtual Network Servers with RISA

RISA provides network licensing with the ability to host your own License Manager within your network. The License Manager will maintain and provide licensing for your company. We refer to this as our “Network” license type.

With more and more people working remotely, we’ve seen the growing popularity of virtual machines/servers in the workplace. As a result, we regularly receive inquiries about how to set up a virtual server to host RISA licensing. RISA Network Licensing contains two major components; a Sentinel USB Key and a license file (created and provided to you by RISA). These two components are accompanied by the RISA Sentinel RMS License manager software, which can be downloaded from our licensing utilities page.

Licensing Utilities


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a physical key required for a Network license?

A: Yes. All RISA Network licensing requires a physical USB key along with the RISA issued license file.

Q: If a USB is required for the Network license, how do I use this with a virtual machine?

A: You will need a USB hub that works with your virtual server and can provide your VM access to USB ports.

Q: Can you run a RISA Network using a virtual server?

A: Yes, with a properly configured USB hub and the correct RISA Sentinel RMS software, a RISA Network can run using a virtual server.

Q: How do you gain access to the network over a remote desktop?

A: Users can gain access to the network using a VPN connection or using remote desktop software to access a machine currently on the same network as the licensing server.

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