September 13, 2017

Vertical Slab and Beam Offsets

In RISAFoundation v9, you can add a vertical offset for slabs or beams. Traditionally, RISA uses centerline analysis which aligns all elements at their centerline. This is a common structural analysis assumption as the loads will get transferred to the centerline even if there is difference in the sizes.

Slab1 300x58 2x

In certain circumstances, it becomes necessary to model the offset because the elements are very different sizes and you need to address the eccentricity.

Slab 2 300x77 2x

You can modify the slabs or beams using the Analysis Offset either graphically or in the spreadsheets. The slab or beams can be offset in the downward direction.

Slab 3 300x57 2x Slab 4

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