April 12, 2018

Weak Axis Column to Beam Moment Connections now Available

RISAConnection v8 now offers weak axis moment connections with beams framing into the web of a wide flange column. Previously, connections were only permitted to frame into the column flange. This additional feature will allow users to change the orientation of their wide flange column.

This option currently applies to beam/column moment connections that use flange plates or direct weld.

CN8 Weak Axis Moment Connections 1

After selecting one of the connection types above, users will now be able to change the Column Connection Type to “Web” in the Connection Properties.

Column/Beam Flange Plate Moment Connection:

CN8 Weak Axis Moment Connections 2

Column/Beam Direct Weld Moment Connection:

CN8 Weak Axis Moment Connections 3

Flange Plate Options:

When the beam frames into the column web, the flange plates now act as stiffeners to the vertical shear plate. These flange plates may be defined as Full Width, Tapered, or Coped in the Components input section.

CN8 Weak Axis Moment Connections 4

These new features are fully integrated and compatible with models exported from RISA-3D and RISAFloor.

CN8 Weak Axis Moment Connections 5

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