Technical Support

Technical support is an important part of the RISAConnection package. There is no charge for technical support for all users with a current subscription of RISAConnection. Technical support is very important to the staff at RISA Tech, Inc.. We want our users to be able to reach us when they are having difficulties with the program. However, this service is not to be used as a way to avoid learning the program or learning how to perform structural modeling in general.

Hours: 6AM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday

Before contacting technical support, you should typically do the following:

  1. Please search the Help File or General Reference Manual. Most questions asked about RISAConnection are already answered in the Help File or General Reference Manual. Use the table of contents or index to find specific topics and appropriate sections. We go to great lengths to provide extensive written and on-line documentation for the program. We do this in order to help you understand the features and make them easier to use. 
  2. If you have access to the Internet, you can visit our website at and check out our Downloads and Support section for release notes, updates, downloads, and frequently asked questions. We list known issues and product updates that you can download. So, if you think the program is in error you should see if the problem is listed and make sure you have the latest release.
  3. Make sure you understand the problem, and make sure your question is related to the program or structural modeling. Technical Support does not include free engineering consulting.
  4. Take a few minutes to experiment with the problem to try to understand and solve it.

For all modeling support questions, please be prepared to send us your model input file via email or postal mail. We often will need to have your model in hand to debug a problem or answer your questions.

Email: This method is the best way to send us a model you would like help with. Most email packages support the attachment of files. The input file you would send will have a *.rcn extension. Make sure you tell us your name, company name, Key ID, phone number, and give a sufficient problem description.

Phone Support:(949) 951-5815. You can also call. But keep in mind that this works best only if your question is not model specific and therefore doesn't require us to look at your file.