Complete Workflow for Design of Multi-Story Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are the cornerstone of the multi-story building sector and are chosen by engineers due to their ability to provide column free floor spans, efficient circulation space and overall efficiency in design. The RISA Building System works together seamlessly to allow engineers to easily analyze and design all aspects of multi-story steel buildings through the use of RISAFloor, RISA-3D, RISAFoundation and RISAConnection.

Robust Code Support
Comprehensive Reporting
Integrated Workflow

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The Essential Tool for Multi-Story Buildings


Model, Load, Analyze and Design Multi-Story buildings with ease.
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Discover the Fresh Face of RISA-3D


Trusted leader in 3D analysis and multi-material design.
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Perfect for Applications at or Below Grade


Your One-Stop Shop for Foundation Design
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Steel Connection Design Made Easy


Full 3D visualization, design and reporting for steel connections.
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Why choose RISA for multi-story
steel building design?

Over the past 20 years, the building sector has seen countless structures that utilize similar ingredients: floor and roof systems that consist of composite steel beams and open web steel joists, paired with lateral systems consisting of moment frames, braced frames and shear walls (concrete and/or masonry). The RISA Building System allows engineers to easily employ this recipe by simplifying the process of model creation, analysis, design and documentation.

Intuitive Level Based Modeling

Create a single floor or multiple floors with ease using automatically generated grids, graphical input of structural members and parent/child relationships in an easy to navigate environment.

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Extensive Member Design

Easily establish design rules allowing for complete optimization of steel/composite steel beams and steel joists including deflection criteria, camber and vibrations.

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Parapet Wind Loading

Learn how to use RISA-3D and RISAFloor to apply parapet wind loading to structures while easily creating variable height roof parapets on multiple levels in your RISAFloor model.

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Shear Wall Design in RISA-3D

Effortlessly create, define, load and design concrete and masonry shear walls based on diaphragm distributed loads using RISA-3D.

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Integrated Connection Design

Design steel connections using AISC and CSA design codes based on predefined connection types, loads and properties established in RISAFloor.

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Autodesk Revit Integration

Leverage architectural models from Revit to create multi-story buildings with ease. Send member sizes, design data and reactions back to Revit to complete documentation.

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Olsson chooses RISA for the complete design of Academic Excellence Center

Designed to be a focal point for the Beatrice, NE campus, the new Academic Excellence Center at Southeast Community College utilized the full RISA Suite in creating a modern, interconnected learning space.

"RISA has always been a great marriage between ability and simplicity, while also being robust enough to be a one-stop shop for all our structural designs"

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