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May 5, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Equivalent Uniform Load Method in Steel Joist Design under Non-Standard Loads

Learn how RISAFloor utilizes the Equivalent Uniform Load Method when evaluating steel joists with non-uniform applied loads. Read More

April 14, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

What’s New with RISA and Windows Updates?

Learn how RISA software is staying current with all required Windows updates in order to bring you optimal performance. Read More

March 17, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Video: Understanding Deck Types and Area Loads in RISAFloor

In this video, learn how to apply various deck types within the same floor diaphragm using RISAFloor. Read More

March 3, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Video: Using a DXF Underlay to Create Geometry in RISAFloor

Learn how to easily import a dxf underlay in RISAFloor to create complex floor geometry. Read More

February 26, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Video: Using Various Diaphragm Types in RISAFloor

Watch this video to learn how to use various diaphragm types in the same RISAFloor model. Read More

February 24, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

Video: Applying Tapered Area Loads in RISAFloor

In this video, learn how to use tapered area loads in RISAFloor to evaluate the effects of roof snow drift. Read More

December 15, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

WEBINAR: Design of Cold-Formed Steel Buildings in RISA

Register for our December 22, 2020 webinar to learn more about cold-formed steel building design in RISA. Read More

December 11, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Accidental Torsion for Semi-Rigid Diaphragms in RISAFloor

The latest releases of RISAFloor (Version 15.0.1) and RISA-3D (Version 19.0.1) include consideration for accidental torsion and eccentric loading for semi-rigid diaphragms. Read More

October 30, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Composite Steel Joists in RISAFloor

RISAFloor now includes design with CJ-Series composite steel joists according to SJI 200-2015, including the design of top/bottom chords, bridging, joist seat depth as well as headed studs. Read More

October 30, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

Cold Formed Steel Wall Design Now Available

New to RISA-3D v19 and RISAFloor v15 is the ability to analyze and design cold formed steel (CFS) wall panels. To model CFS wall panels, select the AISI S100-16 ASD or LRFS code in the Model Settings. Read More