March 28, 2019

Assigning Seismic Loads in RISA-3D

RISA-3D has two ways of automatically generating seismic-related Basic Load Categories (BLCs) which can be later referenced in the Load Combinations (LCs):

1. Creating seismic BLCs (ELX, ELZ, etc) from the Seismic Load Generator

2. Creating seismic BLCs (SX, SZ, etc) from Response Spectra Analysis

In addition to the automatic generated seismic loads, users can always draw any loads and add them to seismic load consideration.

How to generate seismic loads from the seismic load generators are further discussed here:

Tips & Tricks: Generate Seismic Loads

How to create seismic loads from response spectra analysis is further discussed here:

Tips & Tricks: RSA Load Combinations

Once the seismic-related Basic Load Categories (BLCs) are created, they can be used in analysis by referencing them in the Load Combinations (LCs). RISA-3D also has Load Combination (LC) Generators that will generator seismic-related combinations based on selected codes. How to use the LC generator is further discussed here:

The seismic load categories (ELX, ELZ, etc.) generated from the Seismic Load Generator can also be viewed visually from the load display. The seismic load categories (SX, SZ, etc.) generated from Response Spectra Analysis cannot be viewed visually, but users can check the total base reactions from the joint reaction spreadsheet as a reflection for the applied lateral loads.


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