Seamless Modeling Workflow for Every Concrete Building

Easily create complex concrete geometry including single levels, ramps, and multi-story concrete structures using robust modeling tools as well as import from CAD and BIM software.

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Powerful Loading and Analysis Capabilities

Efficiently analyze slabs or entire structures for the combined effects of gravity, lateral and vibration loading, utilizing true 3D finite element analysis, straightforward load takedown and realistic slab alignment.

Exhaustive Design Capabilities

Whether you’re investigating an existing reinforced concrete slab or designing a multi-story post-tensioned building, ADAPT-Builder allows you to control all aspects of design including cracking, long term deflections and punching shear, ensuring results are accurate and complete.

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Choosing between ADAPT-Builder and ADAPT-PT/RC?

Whatever your concrete design needs are, there is an ADAPT software for you. Compare packages and get started.

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Integrated Concrete Building Suite

ADAPT-Builder is the 3D modeling, analysis and design platform for ADAPT-Floor Pro, Edge, MAT and SOG, while Modeler can be used together with ADAPT-PT and RC.

Floor Pro

Easily investigate, analyze and design a variety of reinforced concrete and post-tensioned slabs and beams using industry leading 3D finite element meshing and advanced rebar and tendon detailing.


Rapidly model and utilize gravity and lateral loads, to analyze an entire concrete building structure from roof to foundation, including automated load takedown and seamless BIM integration.


Automatic finite element mesh, soil springs and loading from superstructure model to analyze and design reinforced concrete and post-tensioned mat foundations, footings, pile caps and grade beams.


Produce accurate designs of post-tensioned foundations slabs on expansive soils using PTI recommendations and requirements such as plan irregularities, steps in slabs and varying soil properties.


Easily create shop drawings and calculate post-tensioned slab losses due to friction, elongation, seating and long-term stress for an entire slab.

Available ADAPT-Builder Bundles

Modules Builder RC Bundle Builder PT Bundle Foundations Bundle
Floor Pro RC
Floor Pro PT

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ADAPT-Builder Support Resources

Current version: 2019.2

Whether you are new to ADAPT-Builder or consider yourself an expert, we have resources available to improve your efficiency and advance your understanding. Take advantage of our videos, tips and tutorials and product guides.

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