Intuitive Interface and Modeling Environment

Our user interface was created to be as easy to use as possible. Whether you’re creating geometry graphically in multiple views using advanced modeling tools or using spreadsheets to input data directly, RISA-3D has you covered.

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Robust Analysis and Design

RISA-3D’s analysis and design features allow you to rapidly design structures of all types using a wide range of materials. Design buildings, bridges, tanks, culverts and everything in between.

Comprehensive Presentation of Results

Create reports with both graphical and numerical results including robust detailed output, giving you and your colleagues full confidence in your design.

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The latest user interface of RISA-3D was created with a structural engineers' workflow in mind. The familiar left-to-right, tab-by-tab ribbon approach, makes it effortless to progress through a model from conception to final design optimization by simply following the icon sequencing. Additionally, users have the ability to customize the interface so that their most used tools are available at all times.

  • Dynamic Tabs
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Properties Panel
  • Shortcut/Hotkeys
  • Multiple Viewports

RISA-3D includes a comprehensive CAD-like drawing environment that allows for the efficient creation of even the most complex structures. Utilize powerful graphical selection tools as well as traditional spreadsheet input/editing to make model changes with ease. Start from scratch or import model files to leverage existing geometry.

  • Drawing Grids
  • Object Snapping
  • Parametric Templates

RISA-3D allows users to graphically apply loads to your model with ease. Visualize and change loads by direct selection or in corresponding tables. Automatically generate load combinations or create your own.

  • Point, Line, Moment & Surface Loads
  • One & Two Way Area Loads
  • Uniform/Tapered Wall Loads
  • Enforced Joint Displacements
  • Plate Thermal Loads

Moving Loads

Create, apply and animate load patterns for a variety of applications including driving loads, cranes and more.

Lateral Load Generators

Automatically generate and apply wind, seismic and notional loads according to ASCE & NBC codes.

Load Combinations

Manually create or automatically generate required code-based or custom combination sets.

RISA-3D utilizes robust finite element analysis to solve complex models in no time. High-end mesh generation allows users to leverage various submesh routines to refine a model and prepare it for the software's multi-core processing, which enables users to efficiently execute static, dynamic and time history analysis.

  • Auto/Quad/Triangle Mesh Elements
  • Eigenvalue/Response Spectra Solution
  • Create/Import Time History Functions

The flexibility of RISA-3D allows users to to easily create structures with a combination of 1D (beams, columns, braces) and 2D (plates, walls) elements. In addition, the properties and connectivity of each element can be thoroughly controlled in order to provide an accurate representation of true structural behavior, ensuring results are as accurate as possible.

  • Tension/Compression/Euler Members
  • Partial Fixity End Releases
  • Orthotropic Plate Properties
  • P-Delta Effects
  • Rigid Links & Analysis Offsets

Analyze and design concrete, hot rolled & cold formed steel, masonry, wood and aluminum members and wall panels. Define unbraced lengths, set up section sets and establish criteria for strength and serviceability optimization. Design structures of any type according to the latest international design codes.

Wood Shear Walls

Design wood bearing and shear walls according to US and Canadian codes. Utilize various design methods and design wall straps/hold-downs.

Seismic Design & Detailing

Design concrete walls and steel frames according to code provisions. Complete Buckling Restrained Brace (BRB) seismic checks using CoreBrace elements.

Cold-Formed Steel Walls

Easily model, analyze, design and optimize CFS walls for in-plane loads according to AISI code. Utilize various design methods and sheathing options.

With analysis complete, both analytical and design related results are readily available. With the click of a button, users can show color-coded results, deflections and contour plots for any load combination on the entire model. Additional result information is available in corresponding spreadsheets, where users can sort, filter and print only what they need.

  • Forces, Deflections and Code Checks
  • Animation of model deflections
  • Contours with smoothing and animation
  • Complete spreadsheet results

Creating comprehensive reports is essential to the completion of every project. That's why the RISA-3D helps you quickly organize and print reports. Easily include spreadsheet output and graphics in order to properly document your design. And with the new detailed reports design verification is straightforward with the inclusion of expandable limit states that show all governing equations.

  • Dynamic creation of model graphics
  • Step-by-step code-based design limit states for all members
  • Comprehensive reports including graphics, tables & detailed reports

The RISA Building Suite provides engineers with an unrivaled building analysis and design package. Composed of RISAFloor, RISA-3D, RISAFoundation and RISAConnection; the seamless integration between products, ease of model creation, straightforward execution of code checks and optimization and robust documentation makes RISA your first choice for the design of buildings in a variety of materials.

Autodesk Revit Integration

Work collaboratively with architects by transferring models seamlessly back and forth from Autodesk Revit.

Tekla Structures Integration

Easily transfer geometry, members and design parameters to Tekla Structures for use by detailers and fabricators.

Archicad Integration

Leverage model information from Archicad to directly link architecture and structural engineering.

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