Intuitive Interface and Modeling Environment

Our user interface was created to be as easy to use as possible. Whether you’re creating geometry graphically in multiple views using advanced modeling tools or using spreadsheets to input data directly, RISA-3D has you covered.

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Robust Analysis and Design

RISA-3D’s analysis and design features allow you to rapidly design structures of all types using a wide range of materials. Design buildings, bridges, tanks, culverts and everything in between.

Comprehensive Presentation of Results

Create reports with both graphical and numerical results including robust detailed output, giving you and your colleagues full confidence in your design.

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Brand new paint. Same great engine.

We've rebuilt the interface to increase ease-of-use, improve workflows and maximize efficiency. Under the hood, it is the same capable RISA-3D our customers love.

Modern User Interface

Updated tabs, ribbons and icons help streamline daily use and increase user efficiency

Edit Models Effortlessly

Greatly enhanced graphical selection features include the new expanded Properties Panel, Quick Find and Auto Zoom.

Report Creation Made Easy

Improved report printing options include, batch printing of detailed reports and dynamic print preview.

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RISA-3D Support Resources

Current version: 19.0.4

Whether you are new to RISA-3D or consider yourself an expert, we have resources available to improve your efficiency and advance your understanding. Take advantage of our training classes, webinars, tips and tutorials and product guides.

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