Intuitive Floor Based Modeling Environment

Create a single floor or multiple floors with ease using automatically generated grids, graphical input of structural members and parent/child relationships in an easy to navigate environment.

Intuitive Floor Based Modeling Environment
Automated Floor Loading Optimization

Automated Floor Loading and Optimization

Easily design and optimize floor systems of various materials for applied loads, including live load reduction and vibrations while utilizing design rules that make managing results straightforward.

Integrated Elevated Slab Analysis & Design

Designing a concrete floor? RISAFloor ES includes optimization of rebar, full code checks including punching shear and detailing requirements, cracked section properties and elastic deflection analysis.

Integrated Concrete Floor Analysis Design

Floor Design the Way It Should Be

No matter what type of floor system you're designing, RISAFloor has you covered. Model graphically, set up loads, define combinations and run the solution. It's really that easy.

Custom Tailored Building Design

Work in a variety of materials (steel, composite steel, concrete, wood, masonry) in an intuitive floor-by-floor environment.

Concrete Floor Design

RISAFloor ES allows for an integrated design approach to concrete floor systems, including optimization of rebar, punching shear checks and elastic deflection analysis.

Seamless Integration with RISA-3D

Seamlessly integrated with RISA-3D for the application of wind/seismic loads, as well as the lateral design of columns and shear walls, providing a complete building design solution.

FL highlights

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