Intuitive interface and high-speed solver enables you to design steel, concrete, aluminum, masonry, wood, or cold formed steel for industrial and commercial structures.


Design an entire building in just minutes. Convenient interface, full BIM integration, and seamless RISA-3D integration. Design elevated concrete two-way slabs in RISAFloor ES.


Complete foundation design including two-way mat slabs, footings, pile caps, grade beams and retaining walls. RISAFoundation seamlessly integrates with RISA-3D and RISAFloor.


The all new RISAConnection is the solution to connection design. Expansive engineering calculation reports give you the ability to quickly check all aspects of the design.


General purpose 2D analysis and design. Perfect for beams, trusses, frames, and shear walls. Includes steel, concrete, aluminum, masonry, wood and cold-formed steel.


Find and define the properties of any complex built-up section and assign them to your RISA-2D, RISA-3D and RISAFloor structures. Ideal for reinforcing existing members.


Web application for general purpose 2D analysis and design. Perfect for beams, columns, joists and composite beams. Includes steel, concrete, aluminum, wood and cold-formed steel.


Easily create complex geometry including single levels, ramps, and multi-story concrete structures using robust modeling tools as well as import from CAD and BIM software.


Straightforward investigation and optimization of reinforced concrete and post-tensioned beams and slabs in accordance to a variety of international design standards.


Easily layout tendons and calculate short and long term losses due to friction, elongation, creep, shrinkage and elastic shortening in accordance with ACI Committee 423.


Practical analysis and design of a variety of prestressed concrete bridge structures complete with moving load generation, construction sequencing and international code support.

Link Utilities

Coordinate your analysis and BIM models. This two-way link allows you to transfer seamlessly between Autodesk® Revit®, RISAFloor, RISA-3D and RISAConnection.

Seamless model integration that maximizes your structural design workflow

Simplicity in Model Creation

More and more, structures are becoming exceedingly complex requiring an added level of precision in model creation and management. As a result, RISA promotes a separation of tasks in order to streamline the modeling process with tools catered to exactly what you need to create. Whether you're modeling columns, connections, foundations or entire floor systems, you’ll have confidence that your structure is built properly.

Simplicity in Model Creation
RISA Integration

A Fully Integrated Design Workflow

Whether designing floors, lateral systems, foundations, connections or individual components, your design information and results (model data, member end forces, reactions) from one RISA software can be leveraged in another allowing you to save time, avoid mistakes and maximize coordination.

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BIM That Goes Beyond Architecture

Interoperability isn’t just for architects anymore. As engineers, we are being asked to participate in collaborative, model based workflows on a regular basis. That’s why RISA gives you the ability to exchange model information with architectural design packages like ARCHICAD and REVIT, while also improving coordination downstream with detailing software such as SDS/2 and Tekla Structures.

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BIM Integration


RISA believes structural engineering software should be powerful, accurate, and user-friendly. RISA software designs steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminum and cold-formed steel all in a single, seamlessly integrated model.

Seamless Model Integration

Whether you’re looking to seamlessly integrate models with other RISA products in order to save time and avoid mistakes or with BIM software like Revit, SDS/2 or Tekla...RISA’s got you covered.

Unparalleled Technical Support

Have a question? Our support team is staffed with professional engineers who are ready to help. Our goal is to equip you with the tools to be successful, while instilling confidence in our software.

For Engineers by Engineers

Developed by structural engineers for more than 30 years, our vast industry experience gives us a unique perspective on how to deliver quality software that will enhance the workflows of our customers.

Maximize Flexibility with Subscription Licensing

RISA's cloud-based subscription licensing offers customers a flexible system that requires no physical hardware and only an occasional internet connection, all for a fixed annual cost.

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Subscription Licensing

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