March 9, 2018

Brace Design with Tapered Gusset Plates

In RISAConnection v8, you may now design a Knee Brace and Diagonal Brace with a tapered gusset plate. One of the greatest benefits is the decreased size of a brace gusset plate by manipulating the fold line location.

To use this new feature, you will have to choose either a Knee Brace or Diagonal Brace connection. In Connection Properties dialog, the tapered option will be in the settings for your Gusset under the Components section.

CN8 Tappered Gusset Plates 1 300x196 2x

When the Tapered selection is chosen, this will add two options to your gusset component: Cut Width and Cut Length.

  • If the Width to Length Ratio option has Zero Moment (Uniform Force Method) selected, the ratio of your cuts will be controlled.
  • If this option is selected to Unlimited, the cuts can be adjusted independently.

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