November 3, 2015

How to Investigate the Design Strip Results in RISAFoundation

In RISAFoundation, Design Strips are used to create regions in a slab for reinforcement design. Design strip size and shape is determined by the user, see the Help- Slab- Design Strip Width topic.

Inside the Design Strips there are 50 Design Cuts automatically created (the number of cuts can be adjusted). A Design Cuts is an internal force summation along that cut length.

DS FD 61

The Detail Report for the Design Cuts will give you the forces along that individual Design Cut. The reinforcement will be designed based on the temperature and shrinkage reinforcement minimums, flexural minimums, maximum spacing requirements and strength requirements.

The Top Reinforcement will be designed based on the maximum design cut.

Image 2

The Bottom Reinforcement will be designed based on the maximum design cut.

Image 3

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