January 1, 2021

Quickly Evaluate Graphical One-Way Shear Results in ADAPT-Builder

The ability to quickly evaluate results and make data-based design decisions is a key aspect of user-focused structural software. One-way shear is a critical in the design of RC and PT beams and in particular, sizing of beams and associated economy of a design. ADAPT-Builder 2020 delivers new and improved graphical analysis and design tools for one-way shear meant for quick delivery of results.

For reinforced concrete and post-tensioned models including beams and one-way slabs requiring one-way shear reinforcement, new graphical options have been added to Result Display Settings. These graphical results include Shear Stress Check, Concrete Shear Strength (Vc), Vu/Vc ratio, Asv (required shear reinforcement), Asv (provided shear reinforcement), and shear stirrup reinforcement.


Shear Stress Check

This option shows a graphical code check for each design section along a beam or one-way slab design strip for the selected strength load combination or strength envelope. The available code check status indicators of NA, OK, REINFORCE, and EXCEED CODE are reported.


Concrete Shear Strength

Reports the concrete shear capacity, øVc (or equivalent for other non-ACI design codes) of each design section. The calculated concrete shear capacity is calculated per code requirements for reinforced concrete or post-tensioned sections.


Demand vs Capacity Ratio

Reports the demand/capacity ratio (Vu/øVc) for the selected strength load combination or envelope.


Area of Shear Reinforcement Required

Reports the required area of reinforcement (Asv) per ft (US units) or per meter (SI units) based on calculation.


Area of Shear Reinforcement Provided

Reports the provided area of reinforcement (Asv) per ft (US units) or per meter (SI units) based on input of number of legs and stirrup size selected for the design.


Shear Stirrups

Reports the number of stirrups and associated spacing in each reinforcement zone along the beam or one-way slab. The total length is given for each reinforced zone.


To learn more about the graphical reporting of one-way shear results, view the video below:

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